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Dublin Business School (DBS)

13/14 Aungier Street, Dublin, Ireland

Visit to find Dublin Business School’s wide range of postgraduate courses and MBA degrees on offer this year.

Dublin Business School (DBS) specialises in the provision of contemporary postgraduate courses in the areas of Arts, Business, and the Humanities. Located in the heart of Dublin city, DBS presents aspiring postgraduate students with the opportunity to study in an dynamic and lively environment which has a pulsating mixture of cultural, ethnic and social influences.

Recent additions to the programme offerings include: Master of Science (MSc) in Financial Technology, Master of Science (MSc) in Digital Marketing, Master of Science (MSc) in Data Analytics, Higher Diploma in Financial Technology, Master of Science (MSc) in Applied Psychology and Master of Science (MSc) Information and Library Management.

Other offerings include Master of Arts (MA) in Addiction Studies, Master of Arts (MA) in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (APPI recognised), Master of Arts (MA) in Psychotherapy, Master of Business Administration (MBA) (with streams), Master of Science (MSc) in Information Systems with Computing, Master of Science (MSc) in Management Practice, Master of Science (MSc) in Marketing, Master of Science (MSc) in Marketing (Digital Media Stream) and MSc in International Accounting & Finance.

Master of Arts (MA) Addiction Studies

The MA in Addiction Studies is a rigorous and formal exploration of addictions from a variety of academic and scientific perspectives: sociological, cultural, psychological, anthropological, and psychoanalytic. The programme is concerned with how these perspectives interact and how they differ from each other. The aim is to educate students so that they can carry out…

Higher Diploma in Arts in Psychology (PSI accredited)

The course enables students to study key areas of psychology in a thriving research environment and, through a supervised research dissertation, explore practical issues of interest and relevance to a range of theoretical and occupational fields. Students will develop a firm knowledge base in psychology and gain experience of the research process that will build…

Higher Diploma in Business

This programme has been designed to address the needs of students and employers in a dynamic and ever changing business environment. This course is designed for graduates of all disciplines except business who are interested in pursuing a career in business or who wish to develop significant business knowledge. The primary objective of the course…

Master of Arts (MA) Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

The interpretation of dreams announced psychoanalysis to the world in 1900. In it Freud proposed that “the most complicated achievements of thought are possible without the assistance of consciousness.”This psychoanalytic position revolutionised our understanding of mental life and the basis of any psychological intervention.

Higher Diploma in Science in Data Analytics - Full-Time

The Higher Diploma in Science in Data Analytics will provide graduates with the theoretical and practical skills required to meet the demands of industry. The proposed programme will enable learners to apply those transferable skills developed as part of their original degree to specific IT and Data Analytics areas. The current and projected skills shortages…

Master of Science (MSc) Digital Marketing

This is an innovative programme with an integrated delivery from end?to?end covering a wide range of Digital Marketing topics. The programme aims to develop learners’ knowledge of the theory and practice of Digital Marketing necessary for them to secure employment and perform at postgraduate level in the areas of ICT /Digital Marketing in a broad…

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The ability to confidently manage a business represents a valuable skill-set, particularly in a turbulent economic environment. In order for an organisation to be flexible in diverse business environments and to change direction at speed, they must be experts in business management and business strategy in a global context. The aim of the MBA at…

Master of Science (MSc) Applied Psychology

The programme will provide learners with an insight into the field of applied psychology, thus developing the competencies and skills required to relate theory to practical applications. The learner will explore various theories of psychology that will enable them to understand human behaviour from individual, social and biological perspectives.

Master of Science (MSc) FinTech

This is an innovative programme with an integrated delivery from end?to?end covering a wide range of financial technology topics, whilst providing a focus on application and the regulation required in this area. The programme focuses on practical skills in core areas such as financial analytics, advanced databases, disruptive technologies, web technologies and security while also…