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Maynooth University

1 Floor School of Education, North Campus Maynooth University, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Maynooth, Kildare, Republic of Ireland

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At Maynooth it is the individual that matters. For your postgraduate studies, the small class sizes and one-to-one guidance from senior lecturers and global researchers will challenge and inspire you. Furthermore, you can also contact the Graduate Studies Office for any one-to-one advice and support you might need. You will be joining the 20% of the Maynooth University student population who are undertaking Masters, Diplomas or Research programmes, working and studying towards their personal or professional development goals in a supportive academic teaching and learning environment.

Maynooth University’s researchers and academics hail from more than 95 countries and our alumni network comprises more than 70,000 people across the globe.

At Maynooth, senior academics and internationally respected researchers challenge and inspire students in small classes and with one-to-one supervision, helping emerging scholars to reach their academic potential and build a stand out resume or CV.

The postgraduate cohort includes students who hold John and Pat Hume Doctoral awards, Irish Research Council, Mitchell, Fulbright and SFI scholarships, reflecting Maynooth University’s academic excellence across disciplines.

The Graduate Studies Office is dedicated to ensuring a unique and valuable postgraduate experience for each and every student. If you would like to find out more about MU’s postgraduate courses please enquire below.



The Postgraduate Certificate in Anthropology is a one-year part-time course designed for students who would like to make a transition to studying anthropology but have no previous background in the subject.


This course is designed for students who have a curiosity about the wider world and how humans diversely experience living and being in that world. Anthropology focuses on the links between global and local processes, between abstract theory and real behaviour, equipping students with sophistication in social theory and practical engagement with people in their…

Anthropology & Development

The course is designed for development and humanitarian aid professionals (and those who envisage such a career) who would like to add an anthropological perspective to their development expertise. It provides a holistic and critical approach to culture, the inevitable context of all relief and development activity.

Anthropology & Development

The Postgraduate Certificate in Anthropology & Development is a one-year course designed for development and humanitarian aid professionals (and those who envisage such a career) who would like to add an anthropological perspective to their development expertise.

Anthropology - Research

Research degrees require considerable initiative on the part of the student to engage in independent, original scholarship. The Anthropology Department supports the students research offering professional and specialist modules in academic research in anthropology and through mentoring the research student throughout their research experience.

Creative and Critical Media

The programme advances the practical, research, and writing skills of graduates while deepening their creative and critical engagement with media of all kinds. Optional pathways within the programme for students include: Irish media history and contemporary media archives; creative interactive computing and digital identities, and writing for screen media and screen production

Economic Science

This course provides an accelerated route to the equivalent of an honours degree in Economics.

Economic & Financial Risk Analysis - Conversion Course

This course provides rigorous graduate level training in risk analysis to a standard appropriate to a professional practitioner. The prospective student is not required to have any prior background in economics or finance.


The MA in Economics Programme is structured to provide international quality training in Economics and Econometrics.

Economics & Financial Risk Analysis

This course provides advanced training in economic and financial risk analysis, and the opportunity for a work placement in this area.

Economics - Conversion Course

The 2-year MA in Economics Programme is structured to provide international quality education in Economics and Econometrics for students with an interest in and an aptitude for Economics but no necessary prior background.

Economics / Finance

In the first year students must register full-time and follow the programme of the MA in Economics or the MA in Finance. Once the MA Programme is successfully completed at honours level, the student develops a course of study which combines taught courses, reading courses and research under the guidance of his/her supervisory committee.

Economics / Finance - Research

The four year programme of study includes, in the first and possibly subsequent years, reading courses, taught courses, generalist and specialist skills seminars; while the second, third and the fourth years of the programme are dedicated primarily to research skills development and independent research.


Teaching and research in Chinese Studies at Maynooth University is focused on culture, society, history and literature rather than on business and commerce. Research includes the role of sport in the making of modern China and modern Ireland, Chinese Cinema and national identity and how Western thinking reshaped traditional Chinese knowledge. The MA in Chinese…

Classical Studies

This programme is designed to provide graduates with in-depth study of specific topics within the field of Classics, and a set of research skills appropriate to work at this level.


This is a two-year programme, designed to provide graduates with in-depth study in Classics and with the skills necessary for carrying out research in the field. The study of ancient Greek or Latin is compulsory in the first year, and may be continued in the second; prior knowledge of the language is not required.

Classics - Research

The research programme equips students with the necessary skills in research, academic writing, and the ancient languages, along with any other specialist training required for their particular project. Above all, the Department aims to provide the opportunity for students to pursue their own specific research interests, working independently under the supervision of members of staff…

Classics - Research

The research programme equips students with the necessary skills in research, academic writing, and the ancient languages, along with any other specialist training required for their particular project. Above all, the Department aims to provide the opportunity for students to pursue their own specific research interests, working independently under the supervision of members of staff…

Community & Youth Work

The MA in Community and Youth Work is an integrated programme of professional education and training in both community work and youth work. The programme is underpinned by a human rights/social justice perspective and places equal emphasis on the development of professional skills and ability and on academic excellence in the social sciences. It prepares…

Computer Science - Applied Computer Science

The MSc in Computer Science (Applied) offers students with degrees that include three years of Computer Science a personalised programme of advanced CS modules to enhance their knowledge and fit their strengths. Furthermore, students deepen their research and practical skills through a project and dissertation plus an industrial work placement meaning they will get the…

Computer Science - Research

The aim of the research degree in computer science is to provide the student with an opportunity to carry out a significant body of research work with the support and supervision of senior academic researchers.

Computer Science - Software Engineering

The MSc in Computer Science (Software Engineering) at Maynooth exposes graduates in computer science and related disciplines to the technical, methodological, organizational development of reliable software and information technology systems so that successful participants will be prepared to lead major projects in software engineering across industrial and commercial sectors.

Conflict Resolution in Education

This certificate prepares mediators for the demanding work of facilitating the resolution of interest-based conflict as it arises in education settings.

Adult Guidance & Counselling

This Masters is designed to offer experienced practitioners in the field of adult guidance grounding in practitioner research. Candidates will be required to submit a dissertation in which there is particular emphasis on reflexivity and practice.

Adult Guidance & Counselling

The course is designed for people working with adults in adult guidance & counselling, providing information, advice and placement services. The course provides an understanding of core concepts and ideas concerning sociology, marginalisation, exclusion and adult career development. This course is also offered as a Diploma for candidates who do not have a primary degree…

Cultural Differences & Transitional Processes - CREOLE

The MA CREOLE is funded under the EU SOCRATES Programme, in which students are required to spend two of the four semesters at Maynooth University and at European partner institutions: Universitt Wien (Austria), Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain), Universit Lumire Lyon (France), Univerza v Ljubljani (Slovenia) and Stockholms Universitet (Sweden).This unique Master Degree allows the…

Digital Humanities

The postgraduate diploma prepares graduates from Arts and Humanities, Social Science and Computer Science backgrounds to complement their existing research skills with modern digital methods vital for the cultural heritage and information sectors. It is excellent preparation for those wishing to pursue a career in digital arts and humanities, digital preservation, or digital cultural heritage.

Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities is a fast-growing dynamic interdisciplinary field at the cutting edge of 21st century research methods. Ideal for students who wish to learn to use digital technology to analyse and discover new knowledge about heritage and historic and cultural works. The course caters for those with relatively little technical skills from an Arts background…

Digital Humanities - Research

A 4 year structured doctoral programme in Digital Humanities research. Students may carry out their research in An Foras Feasa, or with co-registration in a participating academic department (e.g. English, Music, Media Studies, History, Celtic Studies, Languages).

Data Analytics

Data analytics/science is the science of extracting insight from large amounts of raw data in order to enable better understanding of the processes that created it and so help in analysis, theory exploration and decision making.

Data Analytics

The Higher Diploma in Data Analytics is a new programme that has been designed to address industry needs. The modules provide students with the knowledge and skills to collect, process, analyse and visualise data in order to extract useful information, explore statistical patterns, test hypotheses, and explore the implications of models.

Digital Health & Medical Technologies

Working with healthcare clinicians and other medical experts, students will acquire a solid grounding in the culture and ethics of engineering for the healthcare industry. Students benefit from a multi-university partnership, attending modules at Dublin City University, the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland and Maynooth University.

Ancient Medieval & Renaissance Thought

This programme provides students with a specialized knowledge in ancient, medieval and Renaissance thought, focusing on philosophical writers, literary and historical themes, and the history of thought. It allows students to explore thematic concerns of writers in the Western tradition from Ancient Greece and Rome to the 16th century and beyond.

Climate Change

The course provides a well-integrated and encompassing programme of taught modules that reflect the major themes of climate change, together with essential technical training in modelling and analysis and are designed to nurture independent and critical thinking on climate change issues.

Dependable Software Systems - European Double Masters

This masters degree provides graduates with the knowledge and in-depth technical understanding of the key concepts required to design and build dependable software systems. This will be achieved by bringing together the theory and practice of software development through participation in research driven and commercially relevant projects. Three partner universities collaborate to deliver the programme,…

Design Innovation

This MSc programme is ideal for anyone aspiring to be an effective radical innovator. In particular, it directly prepares graduates for the roles of innovation leadership, innovation management, product management, strategic marketing, market research and design strategy.


Maynooth University
1 Floor School of Education
North Campus Maynooth University, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Maynooth, Kildare
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