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CEMP - Centre for European Master's Programmes

HQ in Madrid, Spain. /, Dublin, Ireland

At CEMP we guide you so you can reach your goal. We offer you master’s degrees with university accreditation in the fields of healthcare, health and sports, which will open the doors to the labour market for you.

What are we like?

We are the centre that allows you to set the course you want for your professional career. And we are:


Because we have a teaching staff of international prestige, made up of active professionals who offer you the best content based on real cases. 100% connected with the labour market situation and ready to guide you on your journey.


Because we have the tools that best suit you, so you can learn with the flexibility you’ve always wanted. Do you want to run? You’re free to run. Do you want to walk? Enjoy the scenery!


Because we believe there’s no substitute for real-world experience. That’s why we focus our training on job placement and improvement.


Because our courses focus on what you really need to excel in your profession, without detours that interrupt your journey.


Because we put at your disposal the most up-to-date content from experts in the sector. The maps where it said ‘here be dragons’ on the borders are a thing of the past, and to reach your goal you need an updated route, don’t you think?


Because we help you create a network of contacts with students and teachers from all over the world. In short, you will find the travel partners you need.

Master’s degrees accredited by a university


The Catholic University of Murcia, Spain, accredits CEMP master’s degrees to offer you the best online training in healthcare, health and sports.

Why get a master’s degree accredited by a Spanish university?

Because you will expand your specialised knowledge while improving your CV, you will increase your employability, you will obtain ECTS credits that are crucial to become a civil servant, you will be eligible for salary increases… The reasons are endless!


Because it’s an institution that enjoys international prestige thanks to its high standards. Not surprisingly, it’s the fastest growing private university in Spain. It’s a leader in the healthcare, health and sports sectors and stands out for its philosophy, its values and its social commitment. Like CEMP, professional insertion is its goal and the student is its cornerstone. Find out more about this accreditation of our master’s degrees.

Master's Degree in Molecular Biology

Objectives of the master’s course Molecular Biology Understand the main scientific and technical foundations of molecular biology. Practical Cases Apply the knowledge acquired in practical cases. Evaluate results Evaluate the analytical results and their interpretation.   Laboratory work is essential in the field of healthcare. As a specialisation, clinical analysis is crucial in prevention, diagnosis and treatment processes, as well…

Master's Degree in Bioinformatics and Biostatistics

Objectives of the master’s course Statistical processing Mastering the basic concepts of bioinformatics and applying the basic statistical techniques and those adapted to the context of computational statistical treatment. Omics techniques Understanding the capabilities and limitations of omics techniques as well as the type of relevant biomedical information that can be obtained from them. Data processing Learning the techniques for microarray data processing, both expression…

Master's Degree in Cosmetic Science

Objectives of the master’s course. Knowing and advising Being aware of the most frequent skin alterations and knowing how to give advice about cosmetic products. Product formulation Formulating personalised cosmetic products and knowing the main active ingredients in cosmetics as well as the main nutricosmetics. Protocols and sales Knowing the protocols of a pharmacy office about dermopharmacy and learning how…

Masters Degree in Medical Laboratory Science

Objectives of the master’s course Types of analysis Understanding the scientific foundations and the main techniques of haematological, biochemical, genetic and immunological analysis. Diagnostics Understanding the scientific foundations and techniques of microbiological, mycological and parasitological analysis and applying them to the diagnosis of infectious diseases. Practical cases Applying the knowledge acquired about clinical analysis in practical cases.   [video width=”1920″…


CEMP - Centre for European Master's Programmes
HQ in Madrid, Spain. /
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