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Postgraduate Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine

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1,500 hours

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Optional internship

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Dual degree



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£6,790 +
£560 Enrolment Fee

Our Postgraduate Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine provides comprehensive training in the latest techniques and products used in the field. On this programme, you’ll learn how to deliver rejuvenating treatments without surgery and how to use aesthetic medical equipment to achieve optimal results. You’ll also learn how to assess patients’ needs and develop personalised treatment plans to help them achieve their aesthetic goals.

In addition, our programme emphasises the importance of creating a positive and enjoyable experience for patients while promoting their bio-psycho-social health. By completing this course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to excel in the exciting and rewarding field of aesthetic medicine.

Characteristics of the Postgraduate in Aesthetic Medicine

Videos and online classes

Audio visual study material

You will have access to many hours of audio visual materials, which are the essential teaching materials. Thus, you can study wherever and whenever you want.


Your journey at CEMP

From the first to the last stage of your training, we will always be by your side to help you make the most of every step.


Enrolment and preparation

As soon as you enrol, you will have access to the virtual platform. We will also start your employability plan. Let’s get going!


Videos and online classes

Videos, PDF summaries and live classes from your teachers.


Exercises and questionnaires

You will regularly test your knowledge to move steadily towards your goals.


Postgraduate final project

You will carry out a bibliographic research project on a topic of your interest.


Optional internships

Let’s get to work! From 60 to 300 hours of optional internships available in a wide range of companies.

postgraduate certificate

You have reached your destination! You now have your CEMP postgraduate certificate and university accreditation from UCAM*. It’s time to face new challenges… and new adventures!

*see accreditation conditions.

I want my CEMP certificate!

Syllabus of the Postgraduate Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine

As your journey progresses, you will discover different modules which will help you, step by step, to reach your final goal.

Module 1: History. Physiology and Anatomy of the Skin. Healing Scarring and Ageing
Module 2: Physiology and Nutrition of Ageing. The Rising Interest on Gut Microbiome
Module 3: Pharmacology and Cosmetics in Aesthetic Medicine
Module 4: Minimally Invasive face procedures in Aesthetics Medicine
Module 5: Minimally Invasive body procedures in Aesthetics Medicine. Nutrition in Aesthetics
Module 6: Sustentation Threads. Male and Female Patients Archetypes Evaluation
Module 7: Laser and Ohter Light Devices in Aesthetic Medicine
Module 8: Aparatology and Electro-Aesthetics Medicine. Application to Integral Aesthetic Medicine
Module 9: Trichology and Hair Transplantation
Module 10: Cosmetic Surgery. Non Surgical Aesthetic Ginecology. Penile Enhancement. The New Posibilities of Treatments
Module 11: Final Considerations: Doctor’s Appointment. Other General Knowledge. Strategies for Your Own Clinic
Final Master’s Project
CollegeCEMP - Centre for European Master's Programmes
Course CategoryMedicine, Medicine & Healthcare
Course TypeOnline Learning
Course Start Date9th October 2023
Course Duration1,500 hours
Course Fee£6,790 + £560 Enrolment Fee
Phone+ 44 (7) 520636677
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