Postgraduate Training in Dentistry

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Are you interested in studying Dentistry in Ireland?

Do you want to work in a rapidly evolving industry, earn great money, and help people in the process? Then why not consider a postgraduate qualification in dentistry? Forget about those clichéd concepts you have of a quiet, repetitive job; a career in Dentistry can be what you make it. As both medical research and technology keep advancing the industry, there are many opportunities for people willing to train and upskill in the area.

Not only will you be challenged, have plenty of opportunities to grow and expand, but also, play your cards right, and your wage packet could hit six figures.


Depending on the programme you select, you might need a primary Dental degree which can be registered with the Irish Dental Council; postgraduate experience in Dentistry in a range of clinical and educational setting

  • Dentistry Training

The field of dentistry is broad and there are plenty of sub-categories. Here are a few of the areas you can choose to focus in:

  • Dental Public Health

This is a crucial area of study that will help you to be competent in science related to promoting good oral health and preventing oral diseases. These qualifications will help you to play a key role in the community of improving the quality of life through better dental care. These skills are in high demand not only in Ireland but also in other parts of the world. You will be able to tackle issues and offer solutions to issues surrounding public dental health. The postgraduate course in dental public health emphasizes skills training, problem solving and flexibility.

  • Clinical Dentistry

This is also another vital category within the field of dentistry. You can expand your knowledge in dental health and focus on clinical dentistry, a postgraduate course that is very popular in Ireland. This course provides students with not only specific skill sets, but also the research and intensive training necessary to help them achieve in the advanced levels of clinical dentistry. When students achieve this advanced qualification, they are eligible to work in hospitals not only in Ireland but also in other parts of the world.

  • Conscious Sedation in Density

This is also another interesting category of a postgraduate course in dentistry. You will get the necessary skills required to provide support to patients who are undergoing procedures. You will also learn how to sedate and manage patients in a safe and effective manner. This postgraduate course in dentistry studies is aimed at making sure that the students are equipped with the necessary training through research and practices to independently and safely conduct these techniques in own clinics.

Other fields of focus include Orthodontics, Oral Surgery, Paediatric Dentistry and Prosthodontics.

Why should I consider a Density Postgraduate Programme?

If you are presently weighing up your options, here are some of the key benefits of getting your Postgraduate Qualification in this area:

  • Plenty of scope for growth

Specialization is very important, not only in dentistry studies, but across most fields of training – the reason being, when you dedicate yourself to something, it gives you deep insight and you will become an expert. These are the roles that pay well

  • Variety is the spice of life

A career in dentistry is an interesting one. There are so many experiences you will encounter in this profession. You will get to meet patients and deal with various problems. These will only serve to further sharpen your skills. You will never become bored in a dentistry career.

  • Freedom and Flexibility

Working in this area allows you to have a stronger influence over your work/life balance. With this career, it is possible to be your own boss due to the nature of the practices as well as the many opportunities available.

  • Help people

Dentistry, being a highly respected profession, allows you to influence the health of the general public. This is possible through educating them to maintain a good oral health.

The above gives you the reasons why you should advance your dentistry studies by taking a postgraduate course in dentistry.


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