Postgraduate Programmes in Film Studies

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Postgraduate Programmes in Film Studies.

If you are studying for a postgraduate in films studies, you will likely have chosen this course with a clear idea of entering the film or TV industry. Some of the skills you will learn can transfer over to other professions. However, film studies is a far less broad subject than for example, law.

Postgraduate Programmes in Film Studies Trends

For the purpose of measuring statistics, film studies falls under the general category of creative arts and design. During 2015-2016, in Ireland, just under 1,300 postgraduate students studied creative arts and design subjects. This made creative arts and design (including film studies) the 11th most popular subject for postgraduate study in Ireland in 2015-2016.

Skills Learned Through Postgraduate Programmes in Film Studies

Whilst studying for a postgraduate diploma in film studies, you will cover several core subjects. These core subjects can and do change depending on the proposed curriculum of your specific course. Typical core subjects include:

  • Foreign films – the study of the way in which foreign language films are made, and how they are accepted in the UK.
  • Film history – covering the timeline of the global film industry.
  • Film theory – covering the concepts used by film producers to create a visually appealing film, with a compelling and engaging story line.
  • Technology in film – how technology has been used in fil, and how new emerging technology is likely to shape future film making.

Specialisations in Postgraduate Programmes in Film Studies

Alongside the core subjects, if you study for a postgraduate qualification in film studies you will be offered specialisations. Again, the available specialisations will depend entirely on the course curriculum. Typical specialisations could include:

  • Film comedy – a study of comedy, and what makes comedy films popular. How film comedy differs from other forms of comedy.
  • Digital storytelling – using advanced technology and special effects to create film images and sequences.
  • Sound and image theory – the study of the psychological effects of specific images and sound to evoke a prescribed reaction in an audience.
  • Cult films – examine cult films, and defining what makes a cult film.

Studying Postgraduate Programmes in Film Studies for Professional Reasons

A postgraduate in film studies is most directly useful if you want to proceed with a film related career. However, there is some overlap with other sectors. For example, broadcast journalism would share some common concepts.

Job Roles Which Completing Postgraduate Programmes in Film Studies Will Open Up

If you study a postgraduate diploma in film studies, you will open up a whole range of related career options, including:

  • Broadcast engineer – working on set to assist the production crew in their goals.
  • Television production coordinator – providing administration and support during the production of a TV show.
  • Location manager – tracking down, managing and organizing support for on- site locations.
  • Film camera operator – physically operating the camera used to capture video images.
    This is just a short list of possible career options. There are also other job roles, for which a postgraduate in film studies would be a useful background. Some of these are:
  • Advertising art director – knowledge about video advertising and the creation process would be useful.
  • Marketing executive – understanding how effective marketing messages could be delivered by video is a useful skill.

In Conclusion

If you study for a postgraduate diploma in film studies, you will be preparing yourself to take advantage of a large number of related career options. You will also have some skill overlap which would be useful in other sectors.

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