Postgraduate courses in Business Start Up & Entrepreneurship

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Information About Postgraduate Courses in Business Start Up & Entrepreneurship

The study of entrepreneurship at postgraduate level prepares the student for a career in finance and industry. The qualification itself is a valuable one, which has a very long reach with regard to the potential career options it is applicable to.

Postgraduate Courses in Business Start Up & Entrepreneurship Trends

Entrepreneurship comes under the grouping of topics that are encapsulated within the category of business & administration studies. In 2015-2016 in Ireland, 700 students enrolled in courses related to business & administration studies. This meant that business & administration studies, including entrepreneurship, was the most popular subject for postgraduate study in Ireland in 2015-2016.

Studying Postgraduate Courses in Business Start Up & Entrepreneurship for Professional Reasons

Studying for a postgraduate qualification in entrepreneurship is an excellent precursor to a career in industry, commerce and finance. The skills learned can be adapted and utilised in a very wide range of job roles.

Research Subjects for Postgraduate Courses in Business Start Up & Entrepreneurship

When you study for a postgrad in entrepreneurship the research subject you pick, and the eventual thesis you will develop is limited to those available as part of the curriculum. Typical examples of available avenues research are:

  • Knowledge management – study onto the way that knowledge is captured, stored and managed within the enterprise.
  • Brands and branding – research into the way that brands extend their reach, how branding effects commerce etc.
  • Business and shareholder relations – study related to the way that an enterprise relates to its shareholders and vice versa.
  • Market entry and exit – research into market entry modes as well as market exit strategies.
  • Corporate strategy – the study of the general strategies that every enterprise utilities to position itself within its market.
  • Organizational culture – research into the way that a workforce can adapt to or adopt difference cultural ethics as a corporate whole.

These are just a handful of examples of the kinds of research subjects that could be available to students who are studying for a postgrad in entrepreneurship.

Specialisations Available

Studying entrepreneurship at postgraduate level required that the student take a specialisation. The specialisations on offer will differ from university to university. Typical specialisation includes:

  • Technology entrepreneurship – leverage emerging technologies for market entry and disruption.
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship – the study of new and unique business strategies.
  • Entrepreneurship and management – with regard to workforce relations.
  • Entrepreneurship, management and organisation – in relation to corporate structure and operational strategy.

Job Roles Which Completing Postgraduate Courses in Entrepreneurship Will Open Up

Depending upon the specialisation you have taken in your postgraduate course in entrepreneurship, a number of career options will be available, either immediately or after further studies, such as:

  • Mid-level management – either as a departmental head or working in a strategic role supporting top-level management.
  • Business consultant – working within a specialised aspect of commerce, providing troubleshooting and analysis of definable business issues.
  • Sales – developing and defining sales and marketing strategy.
  • Non-profit fundraiser – using entrepreneurial skills to realise funds for a charity or other non-profit organisation.
  • Recruiter – sourcing and matching candidates to job openings within the enterprise or working for a specialised recruitment firm.
  • Business journalist – reporting on events in the business world, writing articles and opinion pieces for either print publishers or online news sites.

In Conclusion

Studying for and receiving a postgraduate qualification in entrepreneurship is a solid basis for entering a very wide number of careers. Many of the skills learned and much of the knowledge gained can be directly leveraged in many specific job roles. Furthermore, a postgrad in entrepreneurship is an excellent precursor to a career as an independent businessman.

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    Am interested to do a post graduate in business start up and entrepreneurship.

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