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All About the MSc

In this short guide, you will find information about what an MSc is, and the subjects that can be studied for an MSc qualification. You will also find information on the format of the MSc course, and the prerequisites required to begin one. Additionally, there are answers to many of the common questions asked by students considering taking an MSc course.

What is an MSc?

An MSc or Master of Science to give the qualification its full name is a masters qualification in one of the science-related fields. This indicates that the student has undertaken advanced studies focused on scientific and mathematical skills, rather than the softer doctrines followed by people who receive a Master of Arts.

What Subjects Fall Under an MSc?

Typically, all of the hard sciences such as physics, biology, geology, etc. fall into the MSc category. Furthermore, almost all of the medical sciences, including those pertaining to animal care and veterinary care also fall under the MSc catchment. Engineering related subjects also fall into the MSc category. Additionally, in recent years, many universities are now offering MSc accredited courses in humanities and social sciences.

How do MSC Course in Ireland Work?

In Ireland and MSc course is typically only a year long. The qualification will either be entirely research-based, or it will have a course component as well as a research component.

Do I Need to Write a Thesis for an MSc?

Yes. Regardless of whether your MSc qualification is entirely research-based, or also has a coursework component, you will be expected to write a full thesis to complete your MSc and receive your qualification.

Choosing a Research Subject for Your MSc

There are two options here. Firstly, you can decide upon the research subject you wish to pursue, and then find a university offering an MSc based upon this research subject. This might mean relocating. Secondly, you can choose a university you want to study at, and then select a research subject from the list available.

What are the Prerequisites for Taking an MSc?

Typically, you will be required to have to have taken and passed a course that has resulted in you obtaining an undergraduate degree. However, it should be noted that some MSc courses may have their own specific additional requirements. It is best to check with the university you are considering attending to find out if you need any additional prerequisites for the specific course you would like to take.

Is an MSc Equivalent to an MBA?

Effectively, and MSc is an equivalent qualification to an MBA. However, many employers often give more weight to an MBA qualification if the subject studied directly relates to the job role they are looking to fill. This issue does not affect every employment sector, it tends to be more noticeable in the finance and banking sector for example, where employers are looking for candidates with a specific proven skillset rather than simply a certain qualification.

Does an MSc Really Offer More Benefit than an Undergraduate Degree?

At a purely educational level, then the answer is yes. However, at a professional level, the answer is more complicated. For some careers, the year spent studying for an MSc could be used to get some practical working experience, which might enable the student to position themselves equally well in their early career. This situation is very dependent upon the type of job role the student sees themselves pursuing one they finish their studies.

Is there a Route to Further Studies After an MSc?

By completing an undergraduate degree and then a Master of Science, you will have positioned yourself to be ready to undertake more advanced studies such as a doctorate.

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