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When John Keating decided to do a postgraduate degree in International Law, he decided to return to Griffith College Dublin. He tells us about doing his LLM part-time.

Name: John Keating

Course: LLM in International Law (part time)

College: Griffith College Dublin

Heading back to Griffith College Dublin

I completed my LLB in Griffith College in 2009. I really liked the place and its staff. It really is like a second home or my space away from work and home.

I’m one of those unusual students that are studying Law purely because it is very interesting and enjoyable. I am hoping that the LLM will now take me into working in the area of corporate governance. Along with Company Law, this is really interesting. The Griffith LLM also has a module in this area and is very relevant considering the need for greater corporate governance these days.

Without the environment that Griffith College and its staff create I would not be able to do the LLM. I have three young children and a full time job. Getting to Griffith each evening is an opportunity to mix with other adults and engage in a common interest. The lecturers are keenly aware of outside pressures and do give that extra little bit of attention to those that need it. It makes all the difference.

From LLB to LLM

The LLM is hard and fast in comparison to the LLB. Critically analysing information from a number of different areas is very important from the beginning and being able to form your own opinions in vital. This can be difficult when reading complex passages but it is a valuable skill that each student will develop in their own time. I think the LLM develops both interpersonal skills, and knowledge and understanding of the world of International Law.

Assignments can be daunting at first until you collect your materials. It takes a couple of days or evenings of reading before you become comfortable with a topic. Some areas can be very intangible; given the nature of international law it is sometimes like a social science. Griffith provides you with a multitude of legal resources both online and in the library to get through it. Finishing an essay is always immensely rewarding, even if you’re not entirely happy with it!

There are a multitude of opportunities in this very interesting field both at home and abroad. The LLM for me bridges 10 years of work experience with many areas that would generally be inaccessible to me. My class group has always been really great over the 3-4 years, although I do think Griffith attracts a certain type of student. I know from having studied for 4 years now that evening students at Griffith are just great to share a couple of years of your evenings with.


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