Five Top Paying Careers

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When considering a career, salary is obviously a massive differentiator and will have a major impact on where you choose to work. However it should not be the only element that you consider; with career development, working conditions, work/life balance, and many other factors also in play.

There is plenty of speculation regarding the ongoing automation of certain roles, but with the job economy firmly in favour of the jobseeker at present, there are still some very highly remunerated roles out there. Bear in mind though, if you’re just starting your career, that these roles are senior hires, with many years of experience behind them.

1. Tax Director with Accountancy & Finance Firms

Although entry-level salaries in this sector can be honest, there are extremely well-paid roles at the senior end. Of course,  it depends on what size and stature of a company that the Tax Director works in, but they could expect to be earning between €85,000 on the lower end, and €275,000 on the upper end of the spectrum.

2. Engineering General Manager

Along with areas such as pharmaceutical, biotech, biopharma, and tech, engineering has seen significant wage increases at all levels, particularly senior roles. General Engineering Managers in the sectors mentioned above can expect to earn between €90,000, up to €150,000.

3. EMEA Head-Financial Services

With Dublin an increasingly important hub for firms wishing to establish European, Middle East & African (EMEA) Headquarters, salaries have risen commensurately, as, I’m sure, has the workload. An EMEA head in financial services within this area can expect to earn a massive €220,000-€350,000 per year.

4. HR-Head of Compensation & Benefits

With competition for talent fiercer than ever before, the HR function has taken on increasing importance and is now seen as a vital strategic function for any major organisation. If a HR professional can specialise in a complicated area such as Compensation & Benefits than they are in a position of considerable influence when it comes to dictating a strong salary. A head of Compensation & Benefits within a major firm can expect to earn between €100,000 and €160,000. In addition to compensation and benefits, they will also be expected to contribute to the firm’s twin core HR goals of recruitment and retention.

5. Vice President-Quality Assurance/Quality Accreditation

In areas such as science, pharma, biotech, biomedical and related sectors, the demand for meeting stringent and multifaceted approval and quality protocols is considerable. Firms operating in this area, many of whom with a very large footprint in Ireland, are constantly striving to recruit personnel with a knowledge of EU and US regulatory approval protocols in terms of pharmaceutical or medical products. The workload will be considerable, with the financial rewards rising to meet it. A VP of Quality in these areas can earn between €180,000 and €220,000 per year.

Of course, there are a host of other highly paid roles out there, for instance, contractors in the tech sector can demand between €450 and €750 per day, of course, subject to tax. There are in general rising salaries in any area where a specialism is required.

Source: CPL The Highest Paying Jobs In 2018


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