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Advanced Botulinum Toxin Training Course for Doctors and Dentists

Our toxins course updated for 2022 now includes all our master class indications to provide even more skills for the practitioner. Three full clinic days treating up to 30 patients to instil confidence and competence, providing a correct understanding of differing physiology. Covering the three major toxin brands Botox®, Azzalure® and Dysport® mean you are never out of an option for your specific patient.

We train more doctors and dentists than any other provider in Ireland. Graduates of A.T.A.I. are sought after in the sector by most leading clinics. We even work with the thérapie clinic network in Ireland and the UK. We have a specific programme in place if you would like to kickstart your aesthetics career with thérapie.

Ask your colleagues where they trained; 3 out of 5 will say they trained with A.T.A.I. it could be why you are here now.

What separates A.T.A.I. from the competition?

Our training model centres around competence and confidence, this focus on the outcome of the practitioner has made A.T.A.I. a leader in producing practitioners ready to practice. On average each modality has a three-day period of practical training. Delegates get to hone their skills patient after patient until they reach our expectations of confidence and competence.

Our graduates are sought after by the leading aesthetic medicine clinics in the country with our international delegates growing year on year. If you want to be tomorrow’s industry leader, come and train with us where we train tomorrow’s industry leaders, today.

Stage 1 – Foundation Day (corresponds to the course availability booking dates)

Introduction to botulinum toxin

  • Patient selection
  • Facial anatomy
  • Injection technique
  • Contraindications
  • Aftercare

Practical demonstration

  • Basic administering of botox injections

Hands-on practical training on silicon heads

  • Master needle control, and injection technique.

Stage 2 – Theory

You then leave ATAI and start your theory learning, depending on your schedule and time to devote to study; this will typically take 4 to 12 weeks.

Stage 3 – Practical Training

Once you have completed the theory requirements, you book a practical training date. Practical training is performed on everyday people from consultation through to final administering.

Practical Training Clinics – Our practical clinics are where you hone your skills while increasing your confidence. We have modelled the clinic to slowly introduce you to operating at a typical clinic speed. We do this through a time-stepping programme where each clinic day reduces the time allowance per client from an hour in the beginning to thirty minutes by the third clinic. We also change the consultation process, at the beginning along with your mentor you perform the entire pre-consultation process, which includes, consent forms, medical and health history questionnaire and pre-treatment photos. By the third clinic, our aesthetic nurse performs the pre-consultation again mirroring the process in a typical aesthetics clinic. Our aesthetic nurse then leads the client into your treatment room where you then perform the typical treatment consultation process. Our teaching programme is unique in the aesthetics training sector and has been formed through the understanding of what is required to produce competent, confident, aesthetic practitioners.


During the theory stage of the course, three assignments need to be completed.

  • Assignment 1 – The client consultation, the need for record-keeping and client needs evaluation.
  • Assignment 2 – This assignment is to show you have a working knowledge of the physiology of skin ageing and understand the need, process, and have the ability to carry out an advanced skin assessment.

The theory component represents approximately 113 hours of study delivered through our virtual learning environment. Models are provided for your practical application of Botox® each procedure is photographed before and after in accordance with standards for record of treatment. Unless explicitly stated, models used for your record of treatment cannot be used for general marketing materials.

A comprehensive theory programme might be the cornerstone of our aesthetic medicine courses, but practical hands-on training is the foundation. Training to a Level 7 standard produces competent practitioners; furthermore, our ability to train you on many evidence-based modalities takes you on a journey from an injecter to a specialist in non-surgical aesthetics.

The practice of Botulinum Toxin Use in Aesthetic Medicine

  • Be able to perform client assessments relating to the use of botulinum toxin.
  • Be able to develop a range of treatment plans relating to the use of botulinum toxin.
  • Be able to administer botulinum toxin

Compare our practical training

  • We are the only college in Ireland that provides multiple days of practical training.
  • We are the only college that provides all clients with treatment in a real aesthetic clinic setting.
  • We are the only college that provides an induction day.
  • We are the only choice for training tomorrow’s industry leaders today.
CollegeAesthetic Training Academy Ireland (A.T.A.I.)
Course LocationSwords, Dublin
Location PostcodeCo. Dublin
Course CategoryDentistry, Medicine & Healthcare
Course TypeBlended Learning - Mix of Classroom & Online
Course QualificationCPD
Course Fee3600
Entry RequirementsA valid IMC/NMBI/IDC/GMC/GDC/NMC number with an active license to practice in Ireland or the UK*
Course CodeADVBTX
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