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IBAT College, Dublin

16-19 Wellington Quay, Temple Bar, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

IBAT College in Dublin provides postgraduate courses with Master of Business and Master of Science degrees.

IBAT College offers specialised postgraduate programmes for those looking to acquire a Masters award. The college’s postgrad courses focus on business, science and marketing and prepare students for their career prospects.

Modular MBA - Strategic Management - Level 9

To ensure the long-term success and sustainability of a business it needs to be managed strategically. Strategic management ensures that managers create clear, well-defined plans that will then be put in action to achieve its goals and to align its business activities. Students on this course will develop their analytical, evaluation, communication, team and leadership…

Modular MBA - Digital Entrepreneurship - Level 9

In today’s dynamic environment organisations and its managers need to strategically understand and leverage the benefits of adopting digital strategies as they operate in a digital world Digital strategies enable an organisation to get the latest data and insights on consumer behaviours and helps them drive their business. This standalone postgraduate module is ideal to…

Finance for Managers - Level 9

The ability to make informed and objective financial decisions in order to fully participate in strategic policy development is paramount in a highly competitive and dynamic business environment. In this course students will have an overview of financial (accounting) statements and related theories in order to develop a comprehensive and critical understanding of financial techniques…

Modular MBA - Human Resource Management - Level 9

Successful organisations are built on the strength of successful employees and the human resources function is at the heart of achieving this within an organisation. This standalone postgraduate module is ideal to study individually to gain specialist academic, professional and technical knowledge and skills in Human Resource Management (HRM). It also provides a flexible progression…

MBA - Masters of Business Administration

An MBA is a Master’s in Business Administration. It is an internationally recognised strategic management qualification. It serves both to enhance the skills and competences of experienced managers, and also provides a progression route for graduates into management positions. An innovative and highly relevant offering, this MBA programme reflects the realities of the international marketplace…

Modular MBA - Marketing Management - Level 9

As the market evolves so quickly Marketing Management has never been so important for all businesses, as it enables them to understand customer needs and improve their product and/or service offerings to satisfy customer needs. It also considers techniques and channels to expand their range and reach potential customers. Students of this course will be equipped…

Modular MBA - Leading and Managing Projects - Level 9

Poor planning leads to poor performance. Project management skills ensure time and money is saved, improves communication and ultimately leads to better decisions being made. This standalone postgraduate module is ideal to study individually to gain specialist academic, professional and technical knowledge and skills in project management. It also provides a flexible progression route where you…


IBAT College, Dublin
16-19 Wellington Quay
Temple Bar, Dublin
Republic of Ireland
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