5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Online Mba That Is Right for You

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Niamh Quigley of Chevron Training explores 5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Online Mba That Is Right for You

Often ambitious, career driven individuals choose to complete a masters in business/ masters in business management. The Online MBA degree is a great option but choosing the right one for you can be stressful; after all no matter which one you choose it will require your precious time and some financial investment. It can be a difficult decision especially if you are hoping to complete an MBA while working. There is a great selection of MBA’S in Ireland with each one offering its own pros & cons. Here are some key considerations that may be helpful when making your big decision.

5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Online Mba That Is Right for You


An MBA can be completed in different time frames often over 1 year on a full time basis or 2 years part-time. The part-time MBA option may allow you to continue working while completing the MBA programme. The part time option tends to suit better if you have other commitments that need to be considered such as extra-curricular activities or indeed family commitments.

2. Finance

There is no doubt that an MBA for any ambitious individual is a worthwhile investment. Often a typical MBA student wishes to gain more business knowledge to manage their company/area more effectively, move up in their chosen career or indeed start a new business of their own. The MBA is a fantastic source of theoretical and practical solutions to business problems. To have an MBA on your CV no matter what position you are applying for does tend to set you apart from the rest.

MBA’s in Ireland can range in price from approx. €7000 – €45,000 depending on the college. An affordable MBA for you is purely dependant on you and your circumstances. Although price can vary greatly often the qualification achieved can be the same although some prefer to study at the more ‘well-known’ or ‘prestigious’ colleges. Some colleges offer affordable payment plans which can make the financial investment more manageable.

3. Flexibility

Another important factor to consider is how flexible do you need your MBA to be? We all know that it requires commitment to attend class and study time, however, some colleges offer more flexibility than others. If you are working and classes clash with your work time is this acceptable to you? Often a conversation with your employer will clear this up very quickly. You may be pleasantly surprised that your employer is delighted you are undertaking such a qualification and may be happy to support you on your MBA journey. If however your work is not as flexible as you would like then maybe a part time MBA on campus may not be the right choice for you. Maybe consider an a more flexible MBA that can deliver evening classes that will not clash with your work time.

4. Location

Traditionally MBA’s in Ireland were delivered on campus and this is still true of many. Travel time can add unnecessary hours to your day. If you are choosing to undertake your MBA in a face-to face setting on campus consider how manageable this travel time is for you. If you live close to campus or work close to campus; this may be perfect for you. If however it isn’t as convenient as you would like maybe it would be wise to consider an Online MBA or indeed a Blended MBA where you would have a mix of face to face interaction and online classes. Often these classes online i.e. live webinars are recorded for your convenience so that you can go back over that particular class.

5. Qualification

It is important that your MBA is as good as the next no matter what way you choose to study. It is often a good idea to check the qualification achieved and that your MBA will be internationally recognised. In Ireland, an MBA is usually a level 9 qualification on the NFQ (National Framework of Qualifications). This qualification is comparable to the UK Level 7 of the FHEQ (The Framework for Higher Education Qualifications). Chevron College (part of Chevron Training) has recently introduced an MBA and MBA in Healthcare Management to the Irish market. The MBA is in collaboration with Wrexham Glyndwr University in Wales and is accredited by the University. The qualification received is internationally recognised; FHEQ level 7 comparable to NFQ level 9. Both MBA’S are delivered on a Part-time basis with no more than two live webinars per week held in the evening. The programme is delivered in a blended fashion online (90%) and one face to face induction each semester. The programme covers all major business disciplines including marketing, strategy, finance, and human resource management developing practical and theoretical business leadership skills. The price of the MBA is €7000 when paid up front or €7500 when paid in instalments.

For more information visit https://chevrontraining.ie/masters-of-business-administration-mba-online/ or e-mail niamh@chevrontraining.ie




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