50th Economic and Social History Society of Ireland Conference

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The 50th Economic and Social History Society of Ireland Conference takes place at University College Dublin, 17th and 18th November 2023.


50th Economic and Social History Society of Ireland Conference

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Session 1 (Panels 1, 2 & 3): 9.30-10.50

Panel 1: Provision for Hunger and Poverty in 19th Century Ireland

Humanities Institute H204 (top floor)

Chair: Catherine Cox

Lauren Smyth (Queen’s University Belfast) – Belfast Charitable Society and pauper apprenticeships in the growing industrial town, 1800-1851

Sorcha Clarke (Ulster University) – The language of letters: Petitioning for charity on an Ulster landed estate, 1850-1900

Constantin Torve (Queen’s University Belfast) – Moll Doyle and her children: The evolution of a lower-class protest repertoire, 1807-1860

Panel 2: Economic Development in 20th Century Ireland

Agnes McGuire SWB C001 (ground floor)

Chair: Robin Adams

Cathal Burke O’Leary (Dublin City University) – Taxation and State-building in the Irish Free State

Anna Devlin (Trinity College Dublin) – ‘Ireland, for some time, has been living in a fever of economics’: Economic interest associations and national development in early twentieth century Ireland

Alan de Bromhead (University College Dublin) – Irish Regional GDP since Independence

Panel 3: Impacts of War and Revolution

Agnes McGuire SWB C102A (first floor)

Chair: Carly Collier

Barry Keane (Independent) – Protestant population dynamics in early twentieth-century Ireland

Olesia Zhytkova (Dublin City University) – Corruption, Russian war, and post-war reconstruction of Ukraine

Andrew Dorman (Trinity College Dublin) – ‘Subduing the civil power’: The army-societal relationship in eighteenth century Ireland

Break: Humanities Institute (Top Floor) 10.50-11.10

Session 2 (Panels 4, 5 & 6): 11.10-12.30

Panel 4: Trade and Urban Development in Early Modern Ireland

Agnes McGuire SWB A006 (ground floor)

Chair: Sarah Roddy

Sandrine Tromeur (Maynooth University) – “Except for the risks, perils and fortunes of the sea and war”: Irish merchants of La Rochelle and maritime trade during the second Anglo-Dutch war, 1665-1667

David Brown (Trinity College Dublin) – Trading their way through it: Ireland’s imports and exports during and after the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, 1641-1670

Bríd McGrath (Trinity College Dublin) – Local democracy in early modern Limerick

Panel 5: Women in 20th Century Ireland

Humanities Institute H204 (top floor)

Chair: Catherine Cox

Kate O’Keeffe (South East Technological University) – Lady Clerks to CEO’: A biographical narrative exploration of the challenges, opportunities, and educational programmes for female bank workers since the lifting of the Marriage Bar in Ireland

Shannon Hughes Spence (South East Technological University) – ‘The Control of Women’s Bodies in Ireland – from 1930s Dance Halls to Modern Nightclubs’

Patrice Maguire (Dublin City University) – Irish youth, a changing Ireland and agony aunt columns, 1963 -1975

Panel 6: Industries and Industrialisation in 19th Century Ireland

Agnes McGuire SWB C102A (first floor)

Chair: Robin Adams

Leslie E. E. Donaldson (Independent) – “… wretched, crowded little buildings …”: The application of The Artizans and Labourers Dwellings Act, 1875 in Belfast 1877

Norma Owens (University of Galway) – Was the Cong lace industry better than Home Rule?

Catherine Ann Cullen (University College Dublin) – Lasting Impressions?: Mapping two printers of the nineteenth-century Dublin tenements, their clients and audiences

Declan Monaghan (Maynooth University) – The origins and the history of the Irish National Stud from 1900 to 2021

Lunch: Humanities Institute (Top Floor) 12.30-13.30

Session 3 Roundtable: ‘The past and prospects for social and economic history in Ireland’: 13.30-15.00

Humanities Institute H204 (top floor)

David Dickson (Trinity College Dublin)

Catherine Cox (University College Dublin)

Graham Brownlow (Queen’s University Belfast)

Eoin McLaughlin (Heriot-Watt University)

Deirdre Foley (Trinity College Dublin)

Aine Doran (Ulster University)

Break 15:00-15:10

Session 4 (Panels 7 and 8) 15:10-16:10

Panel 7: Histories of Irish LGBTQ+ Emigration

Humanities Institute H204 (top floor)

Chair: Catherine Cox

Daniel Gallen (University of Galway) – London Calling: Imagining the Irish LGBTQ+ emigrant experience in London, 1967-1993

Michael Lawrence (Queen’s University Belfast) – “I cannot forget that I am supposed to be something that I am not”: Male Homosexuality and Emigration in Ireland, 1891-1922

Panel 8: Trade and Urban Development in Medieval Ireland

Agnes McGuire SWB C102A (first floor)

Chair: Robin Adams

Catherine Swift (Mary Immaculate College) – Episcopal development of urban manors and market towns in thirteenth-century Limerick

Tadgh Farrell (Trinity College Dublin) – A Gaelic Merchant Prince: Turlough “an fhiona”, the first O’Donnell fish lord?

Break 16.10-16.25

Session 5 (Keynote): 16.25-17.40

Humanities Institute H204 (top floor)

Chair: Catherine Cox

Erika Hanna (University of Bristol) – ‘Rainfall and the Irish City, 1800-2000’

Conference Reception at UCD University Club 18.00-20.00

Saturday, 18th November 2023

Session 6 (panels 9, 10 & 11): 09.30-10.50

Panel 9: Buffeting the Irish Free State Coffers: Post-Civil War Economic Challenges of Independence

Humanities Institute H204 (top floor)

ChairDaithí Ó Corráin (Dublin City University)

Pat O’Brien (Dublin City University) – The Irish Tax Man Cometh: Building the tax system in the Irish Free State, 1923-25

Daithí Ó Corráin (Dublin City University) – ‘The most serious financial problem of all’: post-civil war compensation

Gerard Hanely (Dublin City University) – Unemployment 1922-32: ‘a menace to the state’

Panel 10: Histories of the Irish Diaspora in the 20th C

Agnes McGuire SWB C001 (ground floor)

Chair: Robin Adams

Aydin Anil Mucek (University College Dublin) – The racial hierarchies of Irish Missionaries in Africa and their impact on Irish society

Eleanor O’Leary (South East Technological University) – American Parcels: Irish American Diasporic Exchange 1930-2000

Tom McGrath (Maynooth University) – The Irish and the 1922 Rand Revolt: an introductory survey

Panel 11: Social and Cultural Histories of the First World War

Agnes McGuire SWB C102A (first floor)

Chair: Ciarán McCabe

Pauline Gardiner (National Museums NI) and Patrick Fitzgerald (Mellon Centre for Migration Studies) – Wastrels, loafers and drunken rowdies: The life and times of the Irish Corner-boy

Rachel Newell (Queen’s University Belfast) – ‘I did not know he was discharged from the army’: female criminality surrounding separation allowance during the First World War.

Brian Griffin (Maynooth University) – Cartoons in Conflict: Larry O’Hooligan and the First World War

Break 10.50-11.10

Session 7 (panels 12, 13 & 14): 11.10-12.30

Panel 12: Irish Histories of Childhood

Humanities Institute H204 (top floor)

Chair: Carole Holohan

Ursula Callaghan (Independent) and Hélène Bradley Davies (Mary Immaculate College) – Blue Coat: A History of the Blue Coat School Limerick 1724-1881

Jane O’Brien (University of Galway) – “I have nowhere and nothing for him” – Family Involvement at Children’s Committal to the Sister of Mercy run Irish Industrial Schools, 1868-1936

Liam Kennedy (Queen’s University Belfast) – Religious affiliation and child mortality in Ireland: A country-wide analysis based on the 1911 Census

Panel 13: Female Power and Agency in Ireland

Agnes McGuire SWB C001 (ground floor)

Chair: Ciarán McCabe

Fiona Slevin (University College Dublin) – Underestimating women: assessing female proprietorship in post-Famine rural Ireland

Katie Tate (Queen’s University Belfast) – ‘Quite capable of being Governor…herself’: The Northern Irish Governorship and the influence of the Governors’ Wives

Emma Lyons (University College Dublin) – ‘The Christian name belongs to the world of fancy the surname to that of tradition’: Property bequests to daughters in seventeenth-century Ireland

Panel 14: Provision of Education in 19th and 20th C Ireland

Agnes McGuire SWB C102A (first floor)

Chair: Alice Mauger

Declan O’Keeffe (Clongowes Wood College SJ) – ‘Influencing the influential’: Irish Jesuit periodicals

Conor Galvin (University College Dublin) – The Standing Conference on Teacher Education North and South (SCoTENS), Ireland: a social history perspective on a unique and enduring cross-border Learning Community

Seán Lyons (University College Dublin) – Domestic technology and human capital formation: rural electrification and secondary school participation in Ireland

Lunch and ESHSI AGM: 12.30-13.30

Lunch in Humanities Institute (top floor) and AGM in H204

Session 8 (panels 15, 16 & 17): 13.30-14.50

Panel 15: Economic and Social Impacts of War

Humanities Institute H204 (top floor)

Chair: Paul Huddie (University College Dublin)

Jim Deery (Maynooth University) – ‘The socio-economic impact of British recruitment on Ireland during the Napoleonic Wars 1808-1815’

Jack Kavanagh (University College Dublin) – ‘The Free State response to National Army casualties’

Stephen Callaghan (Independent) – ‘The Economics Influences of Birr Barracks’

Panel 16: Transgressive Women in 19th Century Ireland

Agnes McGuire SWB C001 (ground floor)

Chair: Catherine Cox

Helen Doyle (Maynooth University) – Was Bridget McCreedy a ‘dangerous lunatic’?

Marc Caball (University College Dublin) – Prostitution, murder and urban space in an Irish provincial town in 1829

Panel 17: Marginalised Irish Histories in the 20th C

Agnes McGuire SWB C102A (first floor)

Chair: Morgan Wait

Oisín Wall (University College Cork) – ‘National Trauma Dumping: The Memorialisation of Traumatic Social History in Dublin’s North Inner-City’

Darren Coleborne (Queen’s University Belfast) – Whose Movement is it, Anyways?: A Relational Approach to Social Movement Coalescence in Northern Ireland’s People’s Democracy, 1968

Jack Crangle (Maynooth University) – ‘I hated being Irish’: exclusion, discrimination and empowerment in oral histories of Black and mixed race Ireland

Break: 14.50-15.00

Session 9 (panels 19 & 20): 15.00-16.45

Panel 18: 20th C Irish Healthcare Systems

Humanities Institute H204 (top floor)

Chair: Alice Mauger

Julie Crowley (South East Technological University) – Caregiving at Irish Military Hospitals during the First and Second World Wars

Kevin Finnan (Dublin City University) – The January 1921 Hospital Order

Brian Casey (Durham University) – ‘Collaboration, confrontation and care: The Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood and the provision of healthcare in provincial Ireland, 1942-1970’

Marie Lynch (St Patrick’s University Hospital) – A decade of Disturbance (1916-1925): The impact of revolution and civil war on presentations of mental illness to Ireland’s oldest psychiatric hospital

Panel 19: Questions of Land and Hunger

Agnes McGuire SWB C001 (ground floor)

Chair: Anna Devlin

Mary Curtin (University of Limerick) – The Legacy of History: Females and Irish Land Ownership

James Beirne (Maynooth University) – The colonisation of Ireland and the history of political economy

David Gahan (Maynooth University) – The 1933 Land Act: Fianna Fáil and land reform

Charles Read (University of Cambridge) – Food-market integration and humanitarian-relief policy: the case of the Great Irish Famine of 1845-52


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