Have you thought about going back and getting that postgraduate qualification? While in the past this might have meant quitting your job, nowadays, there a whole wealth of flexible options out there. As well as classroom-based training, you might opt for a research masters, undertake online learning, or distance learning or even study for your postgrad one module at a time. We have broken down the various types of courses below:

Full-Time Postgraduate Courses usually start around September and their duration and content vary depending on your chosen field of study and level of qualification. For instance, a Masters Degree might take one year, while a PhD might take three of four. Most full-time courses require a great deal of self-directed study.

Part-time Postgraduate Training means you spend fewer hours per week on your course than the standard, full-time programme. This is ideal for anyone juggling work, or a family, or both. Most often, these hours take place in the evening and/or at weekends. While these courses can take much longer to complete, ultimately they allow you to get the same qualification as someone on a Full-Time Course.

Distance learning or Blended Learning allows students to achieve their qualification from a remote location. As a result, these courses are ideal for anyone with big ambitions and a busy schedule. At the beginning of a distance learning course, students will receive self-instructional learning materials and only meet the tutor and other students occasionally for workshops or tutorials over the course of the programme.

Other postgraduate training options include credits earned via Work Placements as well as work-related CPD Training or assessments.

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