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Postgraduates more likely to find work in Ireland

It may seem a bit self-evident to suggest that the more qualified you are, the higher your chances of finding work and getting the salary you deserve should be. Unfortunately this hasn’t been the case on any kind of consistent … Continue reading

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Mind your head – Tackling mental health

There has been a noticeable shift in Irish attitudes to mental health over the last twenty years or so, and that must be considered a good thing. For many years, mental health was not particularly well understood or received in … Continue reading

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Feet on the ground, head in the clouds: some advantages of the MBA

Few qualifications carry their weight both at home and abroad quite so well as the MBA. The award has  become synonymous world-wide for the competency it instills and develops in graduates when it comes to strategic business management, and those … Continue reading

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Eye on the prize: The values of Psychological insight

Taking large-scale preventative measures against crime (e.g. the widespread use of CCTV) cost a lot of money. So too do crime’s destructive consequences, court proceedings, and the eventual punitive measures it requires. This is all so that people can enjoy … Continue reading

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Getting the most from students: Universities, organisations and government must lead by example

Once upon a time, there was somewhat pervasive yet tentative belief that having a doctorate could be as much a burden as a boon, with some graduates worried about the danger of being ‘over-qualified’. This time now seems to have … Continue reading

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Food science, nutrition, and healthy living

We could all hang about a few years longer if we knew a bit more about what we were putting into our bodies (and had the determination to make changes for the better). This is where trained nutritionists enter the … Continue reading

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Studying Biology – It’s a Natural Selection

We all know that today marks a special occasion – Pancake Tuesday! What many of us are perhaps less aware of is the fact that it also marks the birthday of the man who would bring the theory of evolutionary … Continue reading

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Science Courses Expected to Prove their Worth

While education is not strictly about employability, there is no question that it is a serious consideration when choosing a course. And it is no different when it comes to funding assistance from the government. The simple fact is that … Continue reading

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