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Digital Analysis & Energy Retrofit

As EU and domestic directives and regulations demand higher levels of energy performance, and with the failure of existing building stock to meet even current building regulation standards, the retrofitting of existing building stock will emerge as perhaps the most significant market for the construction industry in the coming years.

With the majority of architects, architectural technologists, engineers and building surveyors having completed their education with limited coverage of the theory and practice of energy performance and sustainability, and with limited training in computer modelling and predictive digital analysis, a need exists for an applied programme of learning which addresses this knowledge and skills deficit.

The DT774 Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Analysis & Energy Retrofit (PGDip DAER) programme is a 2 year part time programme, delivered over four semesters, and which has been designed to enable professionally qualified architects, architectural technologists, engineers and building surveyors to develop skills centred on digital analysis, energy performance and retrofitting of multi-unit residential buildings using a variety of digital modelling and environmental design software applications.

The PGDip DAER programme is set at Level 9 in the National Framework of Qualifications. Content is focused on the development of knowledge and skills in energy + thermal performance assessment and energy use + fabric heat loss. Real life projects are used to explore performance ranges from Part L compliance to nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB). Projects explore environmental design principles and impacts, energy systems and renewable energy, and retrofit technologies. There is also a focus on hygrothermal modelling to assess the effects of interstitial condensation on building fabric and energy performance.

The PGDip DAER programme comprises the first and second elements of a three-part nested MSc in Energy Retrofit Technology programme.

The first element is the DT774 Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Analysis & Energy Retrofit which focusses on the multi-unit residential design context. On successful completion of the PG Cert (DAER) programme the student will be able to:

Construct a complex data-rich digital model an existing multi-unit residential building of medium size using the medium of Building Information Modelling.
Analyse a digital building model using a variety of interoperable computer applications to simulate and predict environmental performance.
Critically analyse an existing building of medium size to determine under-performance and failure in terms of thermal performance and energy consumption.
Develop energy retrofit strategies to achieve performance requirements at macro and micro levels.
Develop technical design solutions which address underlying scientific principles, energy performance criteria and buildability with cognisance for cost implications, and which address energy-related legislative requirements.
Use a building information model to create a technical information package comprising working drawings at a variety of scales with related performance schedules.
Contribute to the development of a BIM model and engage collaboratively within in a design team using a BIM application.
The second element is the DT774a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Analysis & Energy Retrofit which focusses on the non-domestic design context, using PHPP and NEAP / SBEM / dynamic simulation. On successful completion of the PG Dip (DAER) programme the student will be able to:

Analyse energy use patterns and profiles of non-domestic buildings and apply a critical understanding of low energy design and retrofit strategies.
Utilise appropriate energy analysis tools to carry out an energy profile of complex non-domestic buildings with an understanding of non-domestic energy rating calculation methods.
Assess and model the energy, carbon and environmental comfort impacts of a range of appropriate energy retrofit interventions using a range of energy analysis tools, including dynamic simulation.
Propose a range of optimal retrofit interventions to achieve specific technical, energy, legislative and architectural performance requirements.
Assess and compare retrofit design solutions in terms of scientific principles, energy performance criteria, energy-related legislative requirements, buildability, capital cost, energy savings and life cycle costing.
Record and present project case study using appropriate academic report writing conventions.

CollegeDublin Institute of Technology (DIT)
Course LocationDublin
Location PostcodeDublin 1
Course CategoryConstruction & Engineering
Course QualificationPostgraduate Diploma
Course Start Date1st September 2017
Course DurationPart Time - 2 Years
Course FeePOA
Entry RequirementsThe PGDip DAER programme is open to the following categories of applicants: Professionally qualified Architects. Professionally qualified Building Surveyors. Professionally qualified Engineers, with experience in building design. Graduates of professionally-accredited Level 7 architectural technology programmes with the requisite practice experience to qualify for professional membership of a professional body for architectural technologists and either of a Level 8 BSc (Hons) qualification in architectural technology or a Level 9 academic qualification in a related discipline. Graduates of professionally-accredited Level 7 architectural technology programmes who are or have been members of a recognised professional body for architectural technologists, subject to demonstration of 7 years accredited and relevant practice experience at a senior level. Candidates with an equivalent qualification and experience, subject to interview.
Phone(01) 402 3445
Course CodeDT774A (PT)
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