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Cork Institute of Technology (CIT)

Rossa Avenue, Bishopstown, Bishopstown, Cork, Republic of Ireland. Eircode: T12 P928

CIT offers postgraduate opportunities at Masters level (both research and taught) and at Doctoral (PhD) level (by research). Search for courses that will suit you on

Every year a growing number of graduates select CIT as the destination of choice for their postgraduate education. As a CIT Masters or PhD student, you can expect the support of staff that will guide and mentor you along your chosen career path.  Whether pursuing a research or taught programme, you can expect to work on solving complex problems in cutting-edge research and innovation that is linked directly to Ireland’s smart economy in areas such as art, bioinformatics, optoelectronics, medical devices, sustainable energy, healthcare, media & communications technologies, electronics, information technology, entrepreneurship, marketing and music. Of course, it also helps greatly that CIT boasts state-of-the-art buildings and laboratories with world-class facilities that enable postgraduate students to reach their full potential. The fact that CIT researchers attract funding from enterprise and from a wide range of National, European and international funding programmes provides the financial engine that supports these graduates in following their postgraduate dream.

So, the clear message here is: as a highly-motivated, ambitious graduate, why not avail of the opportunities at CIT for a masters or PhD by research? Learning at CIT gives you a choice of four campuses distributed across a compact city with a vibrant sporting, music and cultural life. And when the time comes to leave CIT, you will join our 100,000 plus graduates, with many of our alumni reaching the top of their professions. You will definitely make a great investment in your future by choosing a CIT postgraduate programme.

Master of Business Administration MBA (Strategy)

The MBA enables the learner, as a professional, to review their leadership and management style and identify how they can improve upon same to increase their eectiveness at a senior level in the workplace. The programme allows learners to develop an appreciation of the interconnectedness of all aspects of the organisation, and an appreciation of…

Art Therapy (MA)

The programme aims to equip Art Therapy practitioners with a range of therapeutic skills and interventions to work with both individual and group clients in a range of health and community settings

Professional Master of Education (Art and Design)

he Professional Master of Education (Art and Design) (PME (Art and Design)) is a two-year, full-time Level 9 postgraduate professional teacher education programme offered jointly by CIT Crawford College of Art & Design and University College, Cork, that leads to a professional qualification as post-primary teacher of Art and Design. It is recognised and accredited…

Human Resource Management (Master of Arts)

This programme allows graduates to apply for advanced level membership of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, CIPD, and will aid them as their career progresses to strategic roles in organisations. The programme is designed to expose students to current issues in the Human Resource Management domain at a strategic level

Global Business Practice (MA)

The MA in Global Business Practice is a new Level 9 programme offered by CIT which emphasises the development of skills relating to International Business with a capstone international placement.

International Business (MSc) Full-time

This two-year part-time programme is geared at providing non-business graduates with the skills required to develop and promote products and services in an international environment while furthering their business skills and knowledge. Students build upon their own discipline (science, engineering, computing etc) to develop solid understanding of Business Development, Internationalisation and Innovation in an interesting…

Civil Engineering ( Environment and Energy ) MEng

This programme aims to develop advanced analytical,design, assessment, appraisal and research skills in CivilEngineering in the specialist areas of environmental andenergy engineering. Graduates of this programme will bewell equipped to meet the challenges of the modern CivilEngineering based environmental and energy engineeringindustries, providing, protecting and enhancing the naturalenvironment and the related physical infrastructurethat underpins society;…

Cloud Computing (MSc)

The MSc in Cloud Computing is taught online using Cloud based technologies, so students can learn about the cloud in the cloud. Learning technologies such as Blackboard, Adobe Connect, and virtualised lab infrastructures are just some of the systems that are used to deliver this innovative programme. Lectures, which are delivered at night are streamed…

Cybersecurity (MSc) (full-time)

Cybersecurity can be defined as the protection of information and information systems from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction in order to provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Today, Cybersecurity is becoming a function of increasing importance for the continued operation of commercial entities. The increasing level of interconnectedness of information networks and the…

Data Science & Analytics (MSc)

The need for both data scientists and data savvy practitioners has been well-articulated in government policy documents, going back at least as far as the Action Plan for Jobs in 2012. Following on its very successful Higher Diploma Science in Data Science & Analytics, CIT now offers a conversion MSc programme in this area.This full-time…

Masters by Research

Learning outcomes at Level 9 (whether by research or otherwise) relate to the demonstration of knowledge and understanding which is at the forefront of a field of learning. The outcomes relate to the application of knowledge, understanding and problem solving abilities in new or unfamiliar contexts related to a field of study. The outcomes are…

Structural Engineering (MEng)

Structural Engineering is the science and art of designing civilengineering facilities so that they can safely resist the forcesto which they may be subjected. All structures from bridgesto buildings, harbours to airports, must be able to meetthese requirements. Structural Engineers aim to design thesestructures with safety, economy and elegance.

E-learning Design and Development (MA)

E-learning as a field of study, as an approach to teaching and learning and as an industry, has evolved considerably over the last decade and a half. Governments and policy makers have made e-learning a central imperative of their political educational rhetoric and provide substantial funding initiatives to support its development and mainstreaming.

Play Therapy (MA)

This programme is a postgraduate clinical training in Play Therapy. It aims to equip practitioners with the advanced knowledge, skills, and competences to practice as Play Therapists. It aims to equip practitioners with the clinical capability that would match international standards of best practice within the Play Therapy profession. Ongoing Personal Therapy is a key…

Artificial Intelligence (MSc)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science that enables computers and machines to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence. Its many applications range from chess-playing robots and autonomous cars to speech, image, and language processing, robotic manufacturing, and surveillance systems. In the twenty-first century, AI has experienced a resurgence following concurrent advances in…

Information Design & Development (MSc)

CIT’s MSc in Information Design and Development is delivered and accessed fully online using state of the art Cloud based technologies. Lectures are delivered online by night and streamed live over the Internet and recorded to facilitate easy playback to students. The programme offers great flexibility to students as they can access their lectures and…

Software Architecture & Design (MSc)

This programme is designed for software professionals, architects, and senior system design engineers. Managers of architecture teams will also benefit from this programme. The programme aims to form part of the evolutionary path that a software developer takes to become a software architect, allowing each student to advance their technical career path. Students will learn…

Embedded Systems Engineering (MEng & PG Dip)

This programme will prepare students for a career in the rapidly growing embedded systems industry or in embedded systems research. With a strong emphasis on project based learning, the course will deliver practical skills in embedded system design and development in addition to associated underlying principles.

Marketing Practice (MSc)

This action learning based programme consists of a hybrid array of touchpoints with business, facilitating learner engagement with a diverse range of marketing professionals. The programme also incorporates a suite of modules designed specifically to prepare the learner for careers in marketing practice.

Mechanical Engineering (MEng)

The programme has been developed to address the need for both new graduates and existing engineers to acquired advanced competencies in computational methods, analytical methods, and design. Deepen your technical knowledge, skills and competencies in the core field of Mechanical Engineering through modules in computational methods in solids and fluids, control engineering, and industrial heat…

Music (MA) (Taught)

Performers are examined primarily through a series of three public recitals/concerto performances; conductors will be examined through a series of three public concerts and associated rehearsals; composers will be examined primarily through the submission of a portfolio of compositions in three instalments. As an alternative to the third public performance, suitable candidates may undertake a…

Music and Technology (MA / MSc)

The Masters in Music & Technology have a very practical, hands-on approach. Our ethos is that this cross-disciplinary programme will foster a combination of technical know-how and confidence with creativity and musicality. A Master of Arts award or Master of Science Award can be chosen depending on the students pathway through the Programme.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Learning outcomes at Doctoral Level 10 relate to the discovery and development of new knowledge and skills through original research, or original application of existing knowledge, and the delivery of findings at the frontiers of knowledge and application that are of publishable standard in peer-reviewed literature or by equivalent peer review through performance or exhibition.…

Public Relations with New Media (MA)

The course aims to provide students with a strategic and systematic understanding of the theory and practice of public relations and offers students the opportunity to develop their professional communication skills within a challenging, supportive and easily accessible framework