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Raising the bar: Research at NUI Galway

Researchers at NUI Galway have been having a busy time of it lately, and an extremely positive one at that too, going by the several high-profile announcements the college has made recently. First Human Stem Cell Manufacturing Facility Perhaps the … Continue reading

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Keen to be green: universities ranked according to environmental performance

Conscientiousness is one of the many personal qualities that colleges aim to instill in their students and later see flourish in their alumni. But as the old adage goes, actions speak louder than words, and all those who espouse certain … Continue reading

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What’s the score: Composing music for films at postgraduate level

Scoring for film What must it have been like for the very first first Star Wars audiences when Darth Vadar began his imperial march to the accompaniment of John Williams’s spine-tingling score? It must have been epic, because it still … Continue reading

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HEA announces plans to monitor colleges’ performance levels

With household budgets as tight as they are across the country, getting the best value for money remains high on the priority list. Things should be no different when it comes to education, and a new performance-profiling system – announced … Continue reading

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