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Eye on the prize: The values of Psychological insight

Taking large-scale preventative measures against crime (e.g. the widespread use of CCTV) cost a lot of money. So too do crime’s destructive consequences, court proceedings, and the eventual punitive measures it requires. This is all so that people can enjoy … Continue reading

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Getting the most from students: Universities, organisations and government must lead by example

Once upon a time, there was somewhat pervasive yet tentative belief that having a doctorate could be as much a burden as a boon, with some graduates worried about the danger of being ‘over-qualified’. This time now seems to have … Continue reading

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Opening up on Open Days

Its springtime and college Open Days seem to be popping up with seasonal alacrity. Many school-goers are strongly encouraged to attend these events, and as they are a fine pretext to spend away from familiar, the attendance numbers tend to … Continue reading

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Food science, nutrition, and healthy living

We could all hang about a few years longer if we knew a bit more about what we were putting into our bodies (and had the determination to make changes for the better). This is where trained nutritionists enter the … Continue reading

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